Think Outside the Lines Podcast with Shawn Feeney

The Think Outside the Lines Podcast is focused on helping you discover your passion and to design the life you want, featuring interviews with inspiring people who are out there making a difference in the world.

Do you long to be inspired? Seeking motivation? I’d like to invite you to Think Outside the Lines. In each episode, I talk with people who are designing the lives of their dreams. It is my belief that if they can make it happen, so can you. These conversations are meant to inspire you to take action, and to pursue the life you’ve always wanted to live. Inspiration. Guaranteed.


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:: New Episodes Every Week! ::

Susan Young : How to Allow

Elaine Huang : Connecting the World Through Music

Derrick Kwa : Forging Your Own Path

Aisha Zaza : Living Your Dream Life

Lisa Odenweller : Live Beaming

Kathleen Ventura : Living Intentionally

Lisa Nichols : Motivating The Masses

Wilma Wong : Cultivating A Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit

Wilma Wong : Loving Yourself – The Key to Happiness

Dr. Frances Richards : D.A.N.C.E. – Determined Action Now Creates Energy

Bernadette Dickinson : Deliberately Create Your Life

Esteban Gomez : Taking Action to Pursue Your Dreams

Gretchen Stoll : Follow Your Bliss

Calvin Wayman : Leveraging The Power of Periscope

Calvin Wayman : Overcome Fear, Pursue Your Dreams

Tori Jochims : Ignite Your Brand

Jeff McMahon : Total Body Construction

Krysta Masciale : Quarterly Goal Domination

Erona : Love, Music & Truth

Chris Backe : Travel Hacking Entrepreneur

Jessica Ornstein : Inspirational Millennial Entrepreneur

Tiffany Renee : Love Yourself, Love Your Style

Kimi Dawn : Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

Loui Pacheco : Live Your Moment

Courtney McClean : Laugh Your Way to Success

Chelsea Autumn : Attracting Your Perfect Match

Amy Porterfield : Achieving Success In Online Business and In Life

Jameson Rider Sand : Finding Your Truth Though Music

Melissa McClain : Following Your Soul’s Calling

Kimi Dawn : Be Your Own Hero

Vince Masciale : Direct An Amazing Life

Krysta Masciale : Building Your Big Deal Brand

Introduction : Design the Life You Want


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